Pick-Your-Own Flowers at Land’s Sake

“One of the best places to pick your own flowers…” - Boston Globe, November 29, 2014

At Land’s Sake we grow a large variety of flowers using organic methods for our Pick-Your-Own garden. In 2016, we grew over 100 varieties of flowers and fillers over the course of the season. Our flower season is typically late June through early October, with start and end dates dictated by the weather. Learn more about what to expect in the garden here! (pdf)  If you have questions about our flowers, please contact Heather.

Tips for Picking Your Freshest Flowers:

  • Pick in the morning or late afternoon - avoid the heat of the day
  • Once cut, place flowers immediately into water
  • Changing vase water every day or two ensures the longest life for your bouquet
  • We do not supply take-home containers, so we suggest that you bring your own to ensure the longest vase life! Containers can be filled with water at our tap next to the Farmstand.
  • Flowers are 50 cents per stem, for  everything from small fillers like bachelor's buttons, to large blooms like zinnias and rudbeckia.
  • Sunflowers are $1.50 per stem, due to high demand.
  • Prices may change throughout the season, so please check in at the Farmstand for the current price

Local Flowers for Events

In you are interested in picking flowers for your wedding, party, or other event, come and visit the Farmstand during our open hours. Picking your own event flowers ensures more choice in your flower selection, and can be a great way to reflect your personality and style. Enjoy a relaxing, fun morning or afternoon picking event with your closest friends and family. PYO allows you to:

  • Select the freshest flowers possible
  • Customize your arrangements
  • The opportunity to feature local, organically grown flowers at your event

If you have questions, please contact Heather.

** Please note that flower picking for events is closed until our Flower garden opens, likely in mid-June. **