Bread Shares

A Local Partnership

We love that our partnership with Bread Obsession allows us to offer the best bread in Boston, and possibly New England! The lovely ladies of Bread Obsession are deeply committed to crafting bread that will not only fulfill the need for this daily staple, but will also bring joy and satisfaction. People have been making bread for thousands of years, but it is only in recent times that the focus on convenience has convinced people to sacrifice flavor, quality, beauty, and healthfulness. Bread Obsession's traditional time-intensive methods of baking aim to reintroduce the love and respect for bread by making nutritious, delicious & beautiful breads by hand, one loaf at a time.

Registration for the 2022 season has closed.

The Artisan Bread Share

Rotating bread varieties, try them all!

Registration for the 2022 season has closed.

A fresh loaf of bread, once a week to be picked up on your day of choice: Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. The Artisan Bread Share offers a rotation of hand-crafted varieties over the course of the season for weekly pick-up. Varieties include: Durum Levain, Flaxseed Rye, Lexington Sourdough, & Multigrain Sunflower Sourdough. This enables customers to have a chance to try each bread flavor which is delivered fresh that day!  Additional loaves and baguettes are available for purchase at the farmstand. Please keep in mind that bread sells out fast, and a having a bread share ensures you get your loaf of the week!

Artisan Share Options and Pricing:
$150, 20 weeks, June - Oct.   |   BACK TO SCHOOL SHARE: $60, 8 weeks, Aug. - Oct. 

Important Notes

  • You must be a 2022 Land's Sake Member to purchase a bread share. Price displayed does not include membership. Become a member here!

  • Bread Shares can be picked up at our CSA Tent on the farm (90 Wellesley St. Weston, MA)

  • Please notify staff of any changes for pick up. You may gift your bread to a friend for pick up on your designated day if you can not make it. If unable to pick up,  your loaf will be donated to our hunger relief program. If your pick up is missed, contact us and we can hold your bread at the farmstand until 2pm the following day.
  • Bread Variety rotation is determined and managed by the bakery, so we caan not change what bread is served each week, but can promise a rotation.

  • Each loaf is labeled with excellent ingredients and nothing extra, such as preservatives, stabilizers, etc. Learn more about Bread Obsession's process here.