Virtual Earth Day Celebration


The seeds of Earth Day were planted 50 years ago this week, when a small but vocal group of scientists and environmentalists became increasingly concerned about the health of the earth. That same year Green power was started. In celebration of this big birthday, we will be honoring the Earth each day. We hope you enjoy this virtual journey through the Story of Land’s Sake from its inception to today!

We know this might feel like a strange time to be celebrating Earth Day. Everyone is stressed, things are exceptionally uncertain, and many of us are missing out on our favorite outdoor activities because we’re heeding the call to stay home (and rightfully so!). It is in times of stress and uncertainty like this, though, that we really come to understand the idea of sustainability as strength. Now is the time to take heart in the resilience of our local communities, and to appreciate how we’re strengthened even further by our connection to the land. We can all take comfort in knowing that no matter what life throws our way, the sun still rises, spring still comes, and seeds still sprout!”

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This season has already brought an array of new operating systems and challenges, but we are working hard to continue growing the best veggies around, and adhere to safety guidelines put forth while doing so.  In conclusion, with all this talk about the coming season, it really makes us want to be on the farm soaking in the warm days of summer!  In the meantime, here’s a video to fulfill that craving. We hope to see you on the farm soon!



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