Maple Syrup Production

Local Maple Syrup

Starting in late winter, the days grow warmer while the nights remain chilly. This temperature fluctuation sends sap running through the maple trees, and we get to work continuing the tradition of crafting locally-made maple syrup. We start by collecting sap from hundreds of maple trees throughout Weston with teams of middle school students and volunteers from the community. Next, we boil the sap in an evaporator fired by our own firewood to remove the water from the sap, and create a beautiful, amber-colored syrup. Each year we produce anywhere from 50 to 70 gallons of maple syrup, which we then bottle and sell through our Farmstand.

Want to get involved? Here's how:

  • Everyone is welcome to attend our popular Sugaring Off Festival Saturday, March 25th, 10am-2pm. In late March, we host this popular festival at the Weston Middle School Sugar House. Participants enjoy the season’s maple syrup, pancakes, maple sugar candy, music, and student-led tours of the Sugar House and maple sugaring process.
  • If you are a school group, scout troop, or homeschool group, sign up for one of our educational tours of our maple sugar operation.
  • If you are a middle-school student, have fun learning how to make maple syrup in our winter After-School Maple Program.
  • If you are interested in helping to tap trees, collect sap, or assist in other parts of sugaring, keep an eye on your inbox for details about volunteer days and other events.


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Maple Syrup Inspired Recipes

Use it to flavor sausages, ice cream, fritters, or fresh fruit. Top your pancakes, french toast, or waffles with it. Add it to sweeten baked beans, cake, bread, or granola. Or add it to coffee or tea in place of sweetner! We asked our resident Chef, Ellen Touart-Grob, to share some inspirational home cooking Maple recipes that you can create at home with your family.