The Land’s Sake Farmstand: Our own produce, harvested daily

The Land's Sake Farmstand features in season produce grown using organic methods from our own farm. Located in the center of Weston, it's easy to swing by and stock up for the week or pick up a few things for dinner. In addition to the diverse selection of our vegetable crops, we are proud to offer other local produce and artisan products. We're a small-scale farm dedicated to growing a wide variety of crops on mid-sized fields, so every trip to the Farmstand is a little different. Come for old favorites, but be sure to try a few new things, too!

Bread Share (Registration will open in 2019)

Back by popular demand, we are continuing to offer the popular Bread Share this year. If you love the fresh, locally baked bread from Bread Obsession that we sell at the Farmstand, consider purchasing a Bread Share so that you can be guaranteed to enjoy fresh bread every week. Bread Obsession delivers bread for each pick-up day, so it's always fresh. We'll set a rotation of bread varieties; over the course of the season, you'll get to try each one! The bread varieties may include Durum Levain, Flaxseed Rye, Lexington Sourdough, Multigrain Sunflower Sourdough, and Tzitzel Rye.

We offer a 20 week Bread Share (June-October, cost $150) or an 8 week Back to School Bread Share (Sept-Oct, cost $58). You'll pick up your bread each week on the pick-up day you select -- either Tuesdays 2-7 pm*, Thursdays 2-7 pm*, or Saturdays 11 am - 4 pm. The 20 week Bread Share starts the week of June 4th and continues through the week of October 15. The 8 week Bread Share starts the week of August 27 and continues through the week of October 15. NEW this year, you can buy more than one Bread Share! Choose multiple loaves on one day (Tue, Thu, or Sat) or spread out over any of these days! Your pick-up day(s) must be consistent for the duration of the season.

Sound good? If you want both a Bread Share and a CSA Vegetable Share, you can sign up for both on the CSA form. If you want just a Bread Share, sign up on the Bread Share form.


  • The July 4th holiday falls on a Thursday this year, so, that week, Thursday Bread Shareholders will pick up their shares on WEDNESDAY July 3rd instead.
  • Due to the earlier fall sunsets and loss of daylight, starting the week of September 10 and continuing through the week of October 15, Bread Share pickups (and the CSA tent and Farmstand) will close at 6 pm instead of 7 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.




Green Dollars (Registration will open in 2019)

Looking for an even easier way to shop? Green Dollars are prepaid Farmstand credit that Land’s Sake Members may purchase before the Farmstand opens.

We record how many Green Dollars you have, and then when you're ready to check out at the Farmstand, we deduct them from your total. Plus, by purchasing Green Dollars ahead of the Farmstand season, you automatically get a 5% bonus on your credit total. That means if you buy $100 in Green Dollars, you actually get to spend $105 over the course of the season, or if you buy $200 Green Dollars, you get $210 to spend.

NEW this year: you can now use your Green Dollars to purchase anything at the Farmstand! That includes produce, flowers, honey, maple syrup, and local delicacies like bread, jam, and cookies. AS OF JUNE 30th, REGISTRATION FOR GREEN DOLLARS IS NOW CLOSED FOR 2018.

How It Works

  • New in 2018,Green Dollars may be used to buy anything - produce, other food, and non-food items - for sale at the Farmstand.
  • Green Dollars registration starts in January and ends in June every year.
  • Green Dollars are only available to current Land’s Sake Members.  If you haven't yet joined or renewed as a Member this year, you may do so right on the Green Dollars Registration Form.  If you've already registered and paid as a 2018 Member, just select the "already a 2018 member" option on the form so that you won't be charged for Membership twice.
  • Choose any amount of Green Dollars that makes sense for you. Complete your purchase, and we'll add on your 5% bonus to your account automatically.
  • When you're shopping at the Farmstand, just be sure to tell us you're using Green Dollars when it's time to checkout.
  • You may not exchange your Green Dollars for cash at any time, nor will you receive cash as change for your Green Dollars.
  • Green Dollars must be used before the end of the Farmstand season, which is November 18, 2018, and there are no refunds for unused balances.
  • If, on the registration form, you select the option to add 3% to your total to cover credit card fees, this does NOT count towards your Green Dollars total. For instance, if you pay us $100 and select the option to add 3%, you would pay $103 total but would have $105 Green Dollars to use, the same as if you hadn’t opted to add 3%.

Farmstand Gift Certificates (Registration to open in 2019)

Looking for a gift for your child's teacher or a special person in your life? We're offering Farmstand Gift Certificates so that you can share your love of delicious, local produce and artisan foods with someone special!

Holiday Gift Baskets from Land’s Sake (Closed until December 2019)

Bring the  farm home for the holidays, or send to friends and family!

Our holiday gift baskets consist of locally made products combined with our own raw honey and farm swag. Packages may include spices and freshly roasted coffee to keep you warm, paired with small batch recipes and sweet treats! Great ideas for families, teachers, clients, or any Locavore! Click here for more information on the contents of each gift basket.

Gift sets include $14.99 for shipping & handling and gift wrapped using Eco-Friendly packaging and reusable containers. We ship directly for you anywhere in the continental U.S. or deliver locally. To make your gift even more special, add a donation to our hunger relief work made in someone’s name, or a 1-year Land’s Sake membership! We appreciate any support to help with our mission of connection people to the land through Farming, Forestry, & Education!

If you need to order large quantities, have special requests, or multiple shipping addresses, please email directly to confirm details. Orders must be placed by Tuesday, December 18th.

Farmstand Hours

The Farmstand is closed for the season.
We'll re-open in June 2019!
The Farmstand will be open from:
Sat. June 1 through Sun. Oct 27
Our hours are: Tue-Fri: 11 am-7 pm
Sat & Sun: 11 am-4 pm
CLOSED Mondays

Pre-Thanksgiving Sale 2019

November 23 from 10 am - 2 pm.


Questions? Contact the Farmstand.
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Now In Season*

Check back in June 2019 to see what we'll have at the Farmstand!

*Please note that our selection varies seasonally and day by day.
We update the list above weekly, generally by Tuesday afternoon.
Due to Mother nature's whims, the list above is approximate, not exact.
Once we sell out of a vegetable, that's it until the next day!