Our Farmstand is closed for the season. We look forward to seeing you again in June, 2022!


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Our own produce, harvested daily

The Land's Sake Farmstand features in season produce grown using organic methods from our own farm. Located in the center of Weston, it's easy to swing by and stock up for the week or pick up a few things for dinner. In addition to the diverse selection of our vegetable crops, we are proud to offer other local produce and artisan products. from fresh honey and maple syrup to wooden creations and T-shirts. We're a small-scale farm dedicated to growing a wide variety of crops on mid-sized fields, so every trip to the Farmstand is a little different. Come for old favorites, but be sure to try a few new things, too!

Available Throughout the Season

*Please note that our selection varies seasonally and day by day. Due to Mother nature's whims, the list below is approximate, not exact.
Once we sell out of a vegetable, that's it until the next day! Check our website or online farmstand regularly, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates.

Home Grown Produce

Arugula Butternut Squash Cucumbers Leeks Pie Pumpkins Radishes (Daikon & Red)
Asian Greens Cabbage Eggplant Lettuce Shallots Tomatoes (Cherry & Heirloom)
Beets Carrots Fennel Melons Spinach Turnips (Salad & Purple top)
Bok Choy Cauliflower Garlic Onions Summer Squash Winter Squash
Brussels sprouts Collards Kale Peppers (Sweet & Hot) Swiss Chard

From Our Farm Partners (they grow what we don't!)

Bascom Hollow Farm's USDA certified Grass Fed Beef & Pork
Stop by on a Saturday to purchase pork chops, roasts, steaks, ground beef, ground sausage, and bacon. First come first served! Note that the packages are frozen and we are not able to accommodate change in pickup day.


Zaazey Olive Oil! Tree to Table!
Zaazey Olive Oil is a mild, well-rounded olive oil, first harvest and cold pressed. Picked at peak ripeness and gently crushed within hours, the finest ZAAZEY ™ olives yield the freshest, healthiest, antioxidant rich extra virgin olive oil. Thanks to the Qureshi Family for providing this product! It Available at our farm stand and online store.


Apples, Peaches & Pears
(Carlson Orchards, Harvard, MA &Kanner Family Orchards, Lincoln, MA)

(Nourse Farms- South Deerfield, MA)

Golden & Sweet Potatoes
(Picadilly Farm, Winchester, NH)

Sweet Corn 
(Brigham Farm, Concord, MA)


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Share your love of delicious, local produce and artisan foods with someone special! Gift certificates can be used on all farmstand products, expire at the end of the season, and are non refundable. Buy at the farmstand or online.


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