Local Firewood from the Weston Forests

Since the early 1980s, Land’s Sake has provided a model for small-scale, sustainable forestry. Working with the Weston Conservation Commission, each winter we  harvest firewood from different parcels of Weston’s conservation land to improve the quality of the remaining stand, then sell this firewood over the summer to local residents. We also tap 300-400 sugar maple trees throughout the winter, and produce our very own maple syrup with the help of volunteers and students in our After-School Maple program. Through these programs, we engage residents of Weston with the woods that are so prevalent in town, but often overlooked, helping to create a new appreciation for this precious and protected resource.

In the winter of 2017-2018, Land’s Sake began managing the forest on a portion of the Municipal Purposes land at the Case Estates, abutting the Woodland Elementary School. In the Winter of 2018-2020, Land’s Sake will resume forest management work on this land. Trees have been marked for cutting, and Land’s Sake expects to cut approximately 50 cords of firewood by the end of the two-year project. This will remove about one-quarter to one-third of the trees, cutting the lowest quality trees to allow the rest to grow. The firewood will be sold to Weston residents and the pine timber may be used in the future at Land’s Sake or in the community.

Each year we harvest up to 40 cords of wood from Weston’s conservation land and allow it to naturally season over the spring and summer. In the late fall, we deliver this wood to the residents of Weston and neighboring towns. This process allows us to sell wood that has a clean and well-seasoned quality, that has kept some families ordering from us for over a decade.



  • Sign up opens  in September of 2023. Firewood is limited. First come first served.
  • If you are interested in buying firewood every season, the best way to make sure you get your firewood before it sells out is to sign up for our general newsletter mailing list. We'll send you an email when sales open each year. Typically, we sell firewood between August and September, and deliver it starting in mid November of every year.


  • A “cord” is the unit of measure most commonly used for firewood. One cord is equal to a stacked pile of firewood with dimensions of 4’x4’x8′ (128 cubic feet).
  • A half cord of firewood is usually enough wood to make one or two fires per week for the duration of the winter. If you enjoy fires more frequently, or plan to heat a room of your house using only firewood, you will likely need one or more cords to last the winter. These are just estimates and actual results will depend on the efficiency of your stove/fireplace, the duration of the winter, and other factors.
  • There is a limit of a half cord of firewood per family.


  • Half Cord: 2023 pricing TBD
  • Delivery: for non-Weston residents: 2023 pricing TBD
    Delivery begins mid November and typically ends mid December.
  • Stacking: Optional 2023 pricing TBD. Stacking will be billed to you after delivery is completed.
  • Cancellations: Firewood orders are 100% refundable until October 1, 2023.