Land’s Sake exists because of a dedicated group of Weston residents’ commitment to work together to ensure this treasure located at the heart of the town was protected for generations to come to enjoy. This cooperative environment is how we were formed and how we are able to continue to operate. We could not exist without all of our dedicated volunteers, supporters and partners: the town whose land the farm sits on, the neighbors who share so many of their resources, board members who are willing to give so much of themselves and expertise, and all the community members and volunteers who come to the farm to work and to enjoy the land and each other.


Did you know that we donate over one third of what we grow? Check out our video detailing the effects that our produce has on those who need it most. There are many people in surrounding areas who are facing food insecurity in need of our help.

Learn more about our Hunger Relief program.


We coordinate with local organizations to donate ⅓ of what the produce we grow. It’s great to be able to share our surplus with people in need.   

“We are proud to partner with Land’s Sake Farm to help provide unique educational opportunities to the youth in our community. Our kids love visiting the farm, enjoying the fresh produce, and learning about how their food choices affect their health and the environment. Thank you Land’s Sake! “ – Erica Young Director of Boys & Girls Club Waltham

Rosie’s Place not only provides meals and shelter but also creates answers for 12,000 women a year through wide-ranging support, housing and education services. Rosie’s Place relies solely on the generous support of individuals, foundations and corporations and does not accept any city, state or federal funding.

Lovin’ Spoonfuls facilitates the rescue and distribution of healthy, fresh food that would otherwise be discarded. They work efficiently to deliver this food directly to the community organizations and resources where it can have the greatest impact.

Boston Area Gleaners organize volunteer trips to local farms to harvest high-quality fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. They distribute the nutritious produce to agencies serving families facing food insecurity.

Community Servings’ mission is to actively engage the community to provide medically tailored, nutritious, scratch-made meals to chronically and critically ill individuals and their families.


We love our Volunteers & couldn’t do it without them!  As they say, it takes a village, and for community farms it is the only way they can operate. Check out the above article about the Barn Raising from 1996, when it was first built, and is still used today with much thanks and generous support from The Mosher family.

Community farms engage people with the land who may otherwise never have the opportunity, and we are happy to facilitate this working relationship. As demand for local organic food increases, we are seeing more and more people want to know and understand how & where their food comes from. Many folks have volunteered at Land’s Sake over the years, at the sugarhouse, in the woods, taking care of animals, on the farm harvesting and at community events. We appreciate their help and enjoy sharing this valuable time spent.

Land’s Sake ties us to our roots, to the farm aspect of our heritage. The turning of the seasons, the forces of nature – all of these things contribute to our well being. We yearn for this connection to heritage, to roots, to a sense of the past.

-Anonymous Land’s Sake Volunteer

Forever Grateful

We would like to give a special thanks to all of the organizations we work with! There are so many that help us, all in different ways, but just to name a few:

  • Town of Weston
  • Weston Rec Center
  • Weston Public Schools
  • Weston Library
  • Weston Conservation Commission
  • SWAG
  • Weston Council on Aging
  • Weston Scout Troops
  • WCCA
  • Weston Forest and Trails Historic Commission
  • All of the Weston Garden Clubs
  • The Weston Dad’s Group
  • Women’s League of Weston
  • Local colleges and many more!

We need volunteers this year now, more than ever.
Learn more about our volunteer and workshare opportunities.


We can’t do any of this without YOU! Membership is a way to get the community to actively come together in agreement on 1 goal, and for us, it is the management of this land, growing bountiful harvests and sharing that with others. 

Originally, Land’s sake started with doing private backyard gardening or landscaping for residents, combined with Weston’s conservation trail management. Becoming a member of Land’s Sake goes deeper than the financial support, it is the participation in a greater good. Today our members receive a number of benefits, discounts on education programs for kids and adults, Farmstand goodies and swag, and the enrollment in our CSA program. 


We love sharing and celebrating what we do here at Land’s Sake any chance we can! Even with Pick Your Own flowers, where strangers can quickly become new friends. These days, we are able to host a wide assortment of gatherings, from 50 person Farm to Table dinners plated by local celebrity chefs, to Fall Farm Festivals which are open to the public and can attract over 300 people. We look forward to being able to have our events again, and seeing our friends and familiar faces gather for celebrations!


1994 Town Crier article featuring Margaret Mosher and Nina Danforth

Working together can be expressed around the world or in your own neighborhood. Our favorite neighbors, the Moshers and Danforths, have lived next to the farm for generations. The article below is a beautiful story of friendship and flower gardens.

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Help us bring back a tradition!

Rock painting in the ’90s
Painting rocks for the walkway

We are in this Together! Given the circumstances we’re facing today, and the uncertainty of when things will be back to normal, we are hoping YOU can help us come together.  Let’s send messages of inspiration, happiness & creativity to each other,  and to our farmers at Land’s Sake!  We are encouraging painters of all ages, to take rocks from home, (or feel free to take some from the front fields at the farm — we need to pull them anyway, it would be a great help — and line the farm stand walkway with positivity.  We are hoping to have a colorful and uplifting walkway for when we all come back and open the farmstand!

Gather some rocks, get some paint and paint brushes and get creative! Paint messages of inspiration, happiness, and hope to each other and to our farmers at Land’s Sake. We encourage painters of all ages to take some rocks from our front fields at the farm and place them along the farm stand walkway. We would love to kick off the summer with a trail colorful rocks full of positivity and hope.

Witness the power of one action causing a ripple effect. Using materials in your home, see what kind of chain reaction you can create! This can mean writing Thank you notes to your mailman or delivery carrier, leaving messages on sidewalks for friends, or leaving treats on someones doorstep. Use your imagination and make a friend or neighbor smile!

Don’t panic! Themes of the day can keep it interesting and fun. Let the kids pick out your outfit, plan the meals, decide activities, etc. You shouldn’t get into too much trouble!