Green Dollars

We have reached our Green Dollars limit and have closed it for the season. Thank you!

If you enrolled in the 2020 Green Dollars program, it is now officially up and running to use at the Farmstand! Thanks to our amazing staff, and technology, we are able to process all our Green Dollars transactions paperlessly! How green is that?! When shopping at the farmstand, simply tell the cashier your full name under the Green Dollars account, and we'll be able to access your record. If you would like to shop online, you will need your personal 16 digit code to enter at checkout. To do this, email and we will get your code to you asap. Thanks to everyone who signed up this season! Keeping it Green!

About Green Dollars

Do you love the Farmstand at Land's Sake? Are you looking for a way to get a great deal that helps the farm get ready for the season AND gives you a bonus for doing it? Then Green Dollars might be the perfect fit for you!

How it works: You purchase Green Dollars before the stand opens (in any amount that works for you). This helps the farm with cash flow early on in the season, when we have large financial expenses -- like planning crops for the season, buying seeds and planting them in the greenhouse, plowing land to prepare, etc. -- but we aren't yet receiving money from Farmstand sales. As a thank you to you for your faith in us to grow wonderful produce, we give you an extra 5% on the dollar to spend at the stand in 2020. Green Dollars are only open to Land's Sake Members.

The purchase of Green Dollars helps boost the production of our sustainably grown produce & we want YOU to reap the benefits with us! Green Dollars are valid to use on anything at the Farmstand during this season and you can choose any amount that fits your budget--and your appetite!


Need more information to decide? Details:

  • You get the flexibility to choose when you shop and what you buy.
  • Enjoy all the farm stand has to offer: our delicious home grown produce, Pick-Your-Own flowers, herbs, and vegetables, Land's Sake honey, maple syrup, & local artisan delicacies like bread, jams & cookies!
  • Green Dollars are easily redeemable at the Farmstand using your last name to access your account. If you purchased Green Dollars with a spouse/partner/family member and you have different last names, please  tell us both names -- knowing both names helps our staff locate your Green Dollars account faster.
  • Green Dollars are only redeemable in the same year they are purchased. Any dollars not used will be reinvested into the management of the farm. There are no refunds for unused balances and you may not exchange your Green Dollars for cash at any time, nor will you receive cash as change for your Green Dollars.
  • We ask that, if you purchase Green Dollars, you also join or renew as 2020 Land's Sake Member if you haven't done so already. You can renew or join as a Member right on the Green Dollars sign up form. Members support Land's Sake's mission of connecting people to the land through programs such as hunger relief, education, and sustainable farming and forestry.
  • Green Dollars purchase deadline is June 1st, when the Farmstand opens, and redemption ends November 21st, on the last day that the Farmstand's open for our Pre-Thanksgiving Day Sale.
  • The amount of Green Dollars you have available to use at the beginning of the season is 5% more than the amount of USD that you paid to purchase Green Dollars (excluding the optional credit card fee coverage, if applicable) For instance, if you bought $100, you have 105 Green Dollars to use at the stand.
  • A note on the registration form: if you bought $100 and then checked the optional box to add 3% to your total to cover credit card fees, you have 105 Green Dollars to use at the stand, because the optional 3% is a separate donation that does not count towards your Green Dollars.


Questions? Contact the Farmstand.  For weekly in-season updates on available produce, sign up for our email newsletter.