Community Supported Agriculture

CSA Overview

Land's Sake's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program connects you with your food. Buy a share early in the year, and reserve weekly pick-ups of sustainably-grown produce, grown right here on our farm, by Land's Sake's farmers.

We plant, grow, and harvest vegetables knowing the shareholders who will take them home. From June through October, we will see you at the same time each week, and you'll get to watch the farm change through the seasons. This CSA creates fewer food miles, less waste, and more transparency between you and your food. It represents a commitment to growing and consuming food grown close to home, without the use of synthetic chemicals that pollute our soils and waterways. Being a Land's Sake CSA Shareholder feels—and tastes—great!

Shareholder Pick-Up Times

Tuesdays: 2pm - 6pm
Thursdays: 2pm - 6pm 
Saturdays: 10am - 2pm
90 Wellesley St., Weston 


CSA Shareholder Pick-Up Details

Land’s Sake CSA shareholders collect their vegetables weekly on their scheduled day, at the CSA tent at Land's Sake Farm: 90 Wellesley Street, Weston.   (The you-pick portion of the CSA share may be picked at any time during the week.)  The CSA tent is located at the back left corner of the farmstand.  Give your name to the CSA tent staff, and fill your bag with veggies, as indicated on the weekly instruction board.  Selections change weekly, so check the board as you walk in!

2024 CSA Season:

Full and Small Shares: Tuesday, 6/4/2024 - Saturday, 10/26/2024
Back-to-School Shares: Tuesday, 8/27/2024 - Saturday, 10/26/2024

Winter Share pickups (3 Saturdays):  Nov. 9, Nov. 23, Dec. 7

Tuesdays:  2pm - 6pm
Thursdays: 2pm - 6pm
Saturdays: 10am - 2pm

Pick Your Own Flowers & Veggies will vary throughout the season and can be done any day of the week. We encourage you to bring your own scissors, and a vase or jar for flowers, along with reusable bags or storage containers!


Being a Land's Sake CSA Shareholder is a win-win-win for you, for us, and for the earth

Perks of being a CSA Shareholder:

  • Better flavor and more nutrient-rich produce: in most cases, produce finds its way to your kitchen within a day of being picked. 
  • Variety and the opportunity to try new things: along with the tried and true favorites, we also give you heirloom and more unusual produce varieties. 
  • The ability to get to know your farmers!
  • Fresh air connection to the land when you and your family visit the farm to pick up your CSA
  • Experience farming first-hand as you pick your own flowers and fresh herbs each week

How CSA Shareholders help us:

  • We get to know the people we grow food for.
  • We get early and better cash flow as we plan for a new season:  early payments from shareholders means enough money to buy seeds, farm supplies, and plan for labor expenses at the start of the season.
  • When we know who we are growing for we can plan the use of resources more efficiently, which means less waste of money and of crop.
  • Support from CSA shareholders gives us the freedom to grow a greater variety of produce, including heirloom varieties. 

Benefits to the environment: 

  • Lower food miles: pickups on the same land that the food was grown on mean less CO2 emissions from the energy required to transport and refrigerate produce across long distances.
  • The sustainable farming methods we use help the soil remain productive for this generation and those to follow. We manage healthy nutrient cycling and balance in the soil without using harmful chemicals. We use crop rotation  and cover crops for soil health; we maintain habitat for beneficial insects; we use disease-resistant crop varieties when available, and, when needed, we use organic fertilizers and OMRI-certified pesticides.



Join our CSA Workshare and receive your share for free

Volunteer your time in exchange for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share! In exchange, you receive a Full CSA Share. Workshares dedicate a portion of their time to the CSA program, working as harvesters, tent monitors, and flower garden weeders and more, and in return they receive their shares free of charge. Check out our Workshare Volunteer Agreement (pdf) for more information, and Contact Brendan with questions.


Hunger Relief Efforts

Charitable food donations are a fundamental part of Land’s Sake’s history. Each year, we donate a significant portion of our crops to hunger relief organizations that can distribute our produce where it's needed most.  Our hunger relief efforts provide fresh produce to food pantries, shelters, nutrition and cooking education programs, and food access programs.This produce comes from a variety of sources on the farm, such as subsidized CSA shares harvested each week, a veggie voucher program for Weston seniors, bumper crops, extra vegetables from the Farmstand, unclaimed shares from the CSA tent, and gleaning harvests from our fields. It's our goal that no vegetables go to waste each season. Learn More about our Hunger Relief Program.