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Pam Hess

Executive Director

Pam has more than 20 years of experience in conservation and environmental education management, non-profit management, and strategic planning. She has a passion for the outdoors, which she attributes to spending most of her early days "outside running around exploring" and working on a farm in Pennsylvania. For 13 years, Pam was the Director of Youth Engagement and Education for the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). Before joining AMC, Pam served as a refuge manager and outreach specialist for over a decade with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Most recently, Pam was Executive Director of Healthy Waltham. Pam holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Vermont and a M.S. in Environmental Education from the University of Wisconsin.
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Brendan Murtha

Farm Manager

Brendan comes to Lands Sake with over a decade of diversified vegetable production experience. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Brendan has worked on a number of farms here in MA, as well as several years farming in south central Pennsylvania. A self-identified problem-solver, he enjoys the seasonal oscillations of farm work and the varied challenges they bring. His favorite vegetable to grow would have to be the sweet potato, though peppers are a close second. Brendan has a strong affinity for working with farm equipment, which feels like the ultimate fulfillment of many childhood dreams. He also loves the social nature of the work, as farming is inherently community driven (or at least it should be). When not on the farm Brendan enjoys spending time with his dog (Fiona), making food, and outdoor activities of all sorts.
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Heather Hilton

Business Manager

Heather is the go to for all things retail, community & farmalicious! A Massachusetts native from the neighboring city of Waltham, she also spent time living in San Diego, CA and Austin, TX. Having extensive experience in retail, illustration and floral design, she strives to bring her creative flare and inspired love of the outdoors to the organization. Over the years, she has become knowledgeable about the history of this organization and hopes to pass on this love of land to all who show interest. The Land’s Sake community has been so welcoming, and she is looking forward to seeing familiar faces and hoping to make new friends throughout the season!
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Katrina Goldowsky-Dill

Education Manager

Katrina (she/her) grew up in Somerville MA, where as an eleven-year-old she grew a crop of potatoes in her bedroom. As a child, Katrina wanted to be an educator but, while working as a camp counselor at Drumlin Farm, she realized that she loved goat kids as much as human kids. Since then, she has been growing with kids in both senses of the word, leading field trips and educational programs on farms, from the middle of London to the rooftops of Queens. When not telling bad jokes or chopping vegetables with third graders, she enjoys contra dancing, crocheting octopuses, and playing fetch with her cat.
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Kelly Mosquera

Education Coordinator

Kelly is originally from the Garden State and has worked on more gardens than can count. She moved to Massachusetts to study Art Therapy with a focus in Ecopsychology. There, she unlocked her passion for environmental education while teaching art and garden classes for teens in recovery. She found Land's Sake and has fallen in love with the people, the animals, and the land! Outside of a garden, you can find Kelly looking for birds, snuggling rabbits, or doodling trees.