Friday Farm Workshops

Friday Farm Workshops have wrapped up for this season. We look forward to seeing you next year!! 

Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned pro, our workshops are fun for everyone. Each class evolves with the seasons and we all learn something new with the inevitable surprises in nature. Each month will include classes in herbalism, cooking, art, and floral arrangements. Bring your friends, or make some new ones while enjoying the beauty of the farm!

Classes will range from $25-$40 per session Fridays throughout the season, June-October, 5:30pm-6:30pm.
Sign up for one class at a time, or Members can sign up for 3 pack of classes for $60, or get a Season Pass for $375!


Member $25/ Non-Member $35

This hands-on workshop series will introduce participants to powerful and delicious medicinal plants growing all around us at the farm, both in our fields and wild throughout the property. Each session will explore three to four different plants currently in bloom, helping us tune into the flow of the seasons. Participants will be guided on a scenic plant walk as we discuss how to identify, harvest, and work with these plants, as well as becoming familiar with their benefits. We will discover that powerful plant medicines are available all around us: in our gardens, our grocery stores, and even in the “weeds” in our own backyards! Building relationships with local plants is healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Participants should bring bags, jars, or other containers to bring home their harvests.

Discover the flowers blooming on the farm which are more than just a pretty face! We will harvest edible and medicinal flowers which can support us from head to toe.

(Rescheduled from July 9th due to rain)
Summer is filled with little hurts: bug bites, bee stings, sunburns, splinters, and tree-climbing bruises. This class will focus on the plants growing all around us which are ready to help us out in a pinch!

Aromatic herbs are everywhere, and they can bring flavor and excitement into our lives. Their strong fragrances indicate more than just flavor, these herbs also have powerful supportive effects within the body. Discover how to use your nose like an herbalist and work with aromatic herbs for a wide range of common complaints.

5:30-6:30pm Member $25/Non-Member $35
**Bring your own Jars!!
Carry the flavor and benefits of herbs into the winter months with a delicious and medicinally potent herbal vinegar. We will create our own unique blend of herbs, set up our infusions, and experience herbal vinegars at multiple stages of the infusion process. Please be sure to bring your own jars!


Member $25/ Non-Member $35

Farm to Table is trendy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! Come harvest, taste, and assemble as we learn simple tricks and recipes that will spice up every meal. Everyone is welcome: we will learn from each other and use simple tricks to create incredible flavors.

Come try your hand at making your own salad dressings and marinades! We’ll taste and pair herbs, natural sweeteners, and learn about different dressing techniques, and design our own mixtures, to be tested with Land’s Sake lettuce and then taken home to dress your table.


Who says basil pesto is the best? We’ll break down the basic pesto ingredients and experiment with substitutions, learning to make classic pesto as well as nut-free, dairy-free, and even basil-free versions. Everyone will get to take home a jar full!  

*please note that we will be using tree nuts during this class*


From dill spears to kimchi to pickled onions, we’ll learn about the powers of lacto-fermentation and leave with some custom-made refrigerated pickles. We’ll taste different vegetables and herb combinations before setting off to make our own ideal concoction.

Learn to preserve and enjoy our bountiful tomato crops! We’ll try our hand at salsa and tomato sauces, testing different herb combinations, tomato varieties, and additions.


email if interested in setting up a private event.

Member $25/ Non-Member $35

This workshop welcomes all age and skill levels to create and explore with art and design en plein air!  The sessions will be framed around centerpoints of Land’s Sake farm and will be using a different medium each class, specifically exploring with usage of natural materials. Each class, participants have the opportunity to create beautiful pieces for the home. Supplies will be included, and participants are welcome to bring materials they wish to use in class.

Animal Anatomy Drawing available with live references straight from our farm; specifically our rabbits and chickens! Come and learn about these animals while studying behavior and anatomy. Can you draw a circle? Then you got what it takes to master animal anatomy!


(Rescheduled from July 16 due to rain)
Reflect and study our marvelous flowers in a fluid medium. The class will unveil watercolor techniques that immortalize the beauty of summer. All this, while identifying and learning about flora.

Join us and learn how to make your own watercolors made out of leaves, berries, and other secret ingredients found on the farm! Create a masterpiece with your newfound skills!

Member $30/ Non-Member $40

Enjoy an afternoon in the Garden! Land’s Sake Farm has taken pride in growing a diverse and abundant Pick Your Own Flower Garden for decades.  Join our in-house florist to learn about different flower varieties and how to arrange & care for your bouquets. Get Creative while picking your own in season fresh farm flowers to arrange and take home. All cutting supplies, a mason jar & 25 stems are included in class price, (additional stems are available for purchase.)  You may bring a favorite vase from home to practice with & get some tips on how to create & care for your arrangement!


Early Season flowers are just sprouting, and we are so excited for this beginning to Summer!  Join us in learning how to harvest, cut and arrange with these hearty flowers. In this class we will also learn how to “bulk” up bouquets with other live materials that are fun, visual & sometimes edible! (like Kale or garlic scapes).


 Join us to enjoy our Pick your Own Flower gardens in the height of bloom! With so much to choose from, learn some tips and tricks of how to really make a beautiful color statement and how to keep your arrangement lasting as long as possible!

 Join us to learn some ways to work with these big and top heavy favorites. Learn some behind the scenes tips of how to make these big bouquets work for you, along with other available seasonal blooms, fresh from the farm!

Our favorite time when the seasons change, and the flower colors are changing too. Join us to create a beautiful fall centerpiece that will have all your guests wowed! Learn how to incorporate seasonal items into your arrangements and tips on the many ways to use these stems as long as possible.