Produce Spotlight: Fennel

Fennel grows wild and rampant in the Mediterranean. Eating it is almost like an Italian vacation itself; it’s a little sweet, tastes a bit like anise, and is very refreshing. It’s the pretty girl in a sundress of the apiaceae family, shining past carrots, dill, cilantro, cumin, and parsnips in the hot summer months. Prometheus used a fennel stalk to steal fire from the gods, is a primary ingredient in flavoring absinthe, and can be made into a syrup to treat babies with colic. Even if you don’t enjoy licorice, give fennel a try.


Here are some recipe ideas:

Lemon Fennel Beans

Grilled Fennel Bulbs

Buttermilk Fennel Vichyssoise

Fennel Slaw with Mint Vinegarette