Seedling Sale

Pre-order Your Seedlings Now!

Pick up packaged seedlings at the Farmstand May 11th, 10am-2pm

Select from a variety of 36 seedlings, from tomatoes and squash, to zinnias and sunflowers! Many of these varieties are the same we grow in our fields at Land's Sake. Our farm team planted and cared for these seedlings using the best quality potting soil around (VT compost, which is certified for organic production). No synthetic chemicals are used in spraying. Pick up during our Seedling Sale on May 11th, 11am-2pm. For more information on  varieties listed below, please visit Johnny's Seeds.


Tomato, Tomatillo, & Husk Cherry Seedlings

 Big Beef tomato
 Marmalade Skies tomato
Galahad tomato
Brandywine tomato
Sakura cherry tomato
Sungold cherry tomato
Valentine cherry tomato
Goldie husk cherry

Pancho tomatillo

Pepper Seedlings

Bell Pepper (Ace)
Sweet Pepper (Carmen)

Jalapeno Pepper (Jedi)
Habanero Pepper (Helios)

Squash Seedlings

 Summer squash - green/zucchini (Spineless Perfection)
Summer squash - yellow (Zephyr)


Cucumber Seedlings

Slicing cucumber (Marketmore)
Pickling cucumber (Supremo)



Herb Seedlings

 Basil (Genovese)
Chives (Purly)
Cilantro (Calypso)
Dill (Bouquet)
Oregano (Greek)
Parsley (Giant of Italy)
Rosemary (Primed Rosemary)
Sage (Common Sage)
Thyme (German Winter) 

Green Seedlings: Kale, Chard, Lettuce

Kale - green, curly (Winterbor)
Kale Lacinato / "dinosaur" (Black Magic)
Chard, multi-colored (Bright Lights)
Lettuce, Summer. crisp (Magenta)
Lettuce, green leaf (Starfighter)

Eggplant Seedlings

 Black eggplant (Galine)
Slender purple eggplant (Asian Delight)


Flower Seedlings

Sunflower (Procut Orange Excel)
Zinnia (Benary's Giant - mixed colors)