Leave Your Legacy

We are no longer offering legacy tributes.  If you are interested in other ways to make a contribution to Land's Sake, please contact us or visit our Donate to Land's Sake page.



Become a Rock Legend

Inscribed rock: $500 (CLOSED)

Choose a rock directly from our fields and our partners at American Stonecraft will have it carved and engraved into a beautiful piece with the naming of your choice (ie: family name). Rocks will be placed in one of our two new rain gardens, situated near the new barn. Rocks can be picked from the field during our events, or you can contact us at info@landssake.org to arrange to do it on your own time!



Grow Our Outdoor Cooking Program

Education Pizza Oven: ($6000) SOLD OUT

Help us connect farm visitors to the land and the food we grow by providing tools that better enable us to cook with kids and adults alike, giving community members personal connection with the nutritious food grown on the farm. We will create a personalized plaque to be placed near the oven.




Grow Our Bunny Programs

Bunny Hutch: ($4000) SOLD OUT

With the bunnies now spending summers and winters on the farm, we need new hutches that will allow them to stay comfortable year-round. The new double-decker bunny hutches will give us the ability to add insulation and window protection in colder months.



Grow Our Chicken Programs

Mobile Chicken Coop: ($5000) SOLD OUT

A chicken coop on wheels provides a mobile space for Land’s Sake chickens to forage, safe from predators. The coop’s mobility will allow our flock to adventure and improve our ability to organically control a wider range of pests all over the farm, including ticks!



Grow Our Education Garden

Raised Garden Beds: $1,000 (CLOSED)

The Land’s Sake Education Garden is planted, maintained, harvested, and enjoyed by children as they learn to connect the land to the food they eat. Help us build and install new beds that are more readily accessible for kids of all abilities and sizes.



Grow Our Family Programs

Picnic Tables: $1,500 (CLOSED)

Picnic tables at Land’s Sake are the gathering spot for all community events, from family picnics to birthday parties to cooking classes. Scattered throughout the farm, new tables will replace our old, splintered tables.



Grow Our Habitat

Plant a Tree: $2,000 (CLOSED)

We will plant Conifer trees on the farm which will grow into wonderful wildlife habitat, provide shade from summer heat, and screen neighbors’ homes from farm activities. Our aim is to plant native trees that can withstand deer nibbling and snowy winters.




Grow Our Community space

Staff-Made Bench: $6,000 (CLOSED)

Land’s Sake staff will use sustainably sourced wood from trees on the farm and incorporate pieces of our old farmstand to create new benches on the farm. The comfortable benches will provide a tranquil rest spot for community members to enjoy the quiet beauty of the farm.



Water Access

Fire hydrant $5,000 (SOLD OUT)

Phase 1 of the Grow with Us campaign brought critically needed water infrastructure to the farm, including 2 new fire hydrants. Dog friends are part of the community at Land's Sake!  Cheekily honor a treasured canine family member with a fire hydrant legacy at Land's Sake, and have their name permanently hand-lettered on one of the hydrants.