Tomatoes Before the Blight

The Tomatoes
The Tomato Plants

It is pretty sad to see the tomatoes hit by the late blight. They were looking great, as you can see in this photo. Full plants, multiple fruit clusters per stem, many just turning orange.

We just went to the fields with Channel 5’s David Brown – to air tonight – regarding the late blight. Big box retailers distributed seedling tomatoes with the fungal blight. These were taken by customers all over the northeast. The blight uses the host plant to reproduce by sending out spores. These spores find more host plants and continue. It is now an epidemic in this region. No farms that we know of have been spared. Many are doing just as we are – pulling up the stakes and cutting down the string to mow or burn the crops to prevent further spreading the blight. This treatment also helps reduce the risk factors for the blight coming back next year.

We’re doing the best we can in light of this pestilence. Thank you for your ongoing support.