Visit the Winter Farmers’ Market in Wayland

Still want to eat local this winter?

One way is to check out the Wayland Winter Market at Russell’s Garden Center, on Route 20 in Wayland. It happens every Saturday, from 10-2, until March 12th, 2011.

While Land’s Sake won’t be there selling our products, lots of other local meat producers, vegetable growers, fishermen, bakeries (and more!) will be. There is a complete listing of the vendors at the link above. For those of you who got to visit last year, one business owner told me that the market is about twice as large as last year, both in the number of customers that wandered from booth to booth, and in the number of vendors that were present.

Last weekend, the market was bustling when I arrived at around 1. I suggest you get there on the earlier side of things so you don’t miss out on anything delicious.

This is a great opportunity to support some like-minded and local businesses and based on my visit, I highly recommend it. At the very least, it is a fun Saturday activity complete with lots of free samples. I left Russell’s with my bags overflowing and a huge smile on my face. Eggs, lamb sausage and popping corn in one bag, the other was filled to the brim with the storage root veggies that I love so much, but that we had run out of here at the farm. I even purchased a sweet wall calender, dotted with lush little illustrations of vegetables by a local artist, that is now hanging in my kitchen.

If you do purchase some delicious veggies or meats at the market, (or even if you don’t) try creating a noodle dish or soup with this fun udon noodle recipe. It could be a great thing to do with the kids on a snow day, and the resulting chewy, rustic noodles are super tasty.

Happy eating!

Melanie Hardy, Farm Manager at Land’s Sake.