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In the news, again!

A reporter from the Globe called last week wondering what us farmers do with ourselves in the winter. We’re actually pretty busy, I assured her. Reviewing last year’s harvest records, figuring out the planting plan for the coming season, ordering seeds, fixing equipment, splitting wood from the town forest, and […]

We’re in the News, again

My housemate Paul was visiting his grandkids in Newton and they gave him a copy of the Daily News Tribune from there which had a cover-page article on Maple Season with a quote from yours truly (Grey Lee) and a few other area maple producers. Here’s the link: The […]

Farming is “in”

One of our Board members, Alyson Muzila, forwarded this linkto me – please read. It’s about the growth of farms and farm businesses in MA since 2002, according to USDA Ag Census info. Land’s Sake is pretty much surfing a good wave of interest in local farm-direct food. Read on, […]

Let the Maple Season Begin

The Maple Season has begun! We tapped about 400 trees on Saturday and luckily we had the Green Power kids scheduled to help us on Monday. The warm daytime weather got the sap flowing and we collected about 150 gallons. Get ready for Maple Syrup! You must be wondering if […]