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First Eggs of the Year!

When I went to close the big chicken coop last night, I found the first four eggs from this year’s chickens, all together in a nesting box. The first eggs ever from these chickens! Four perfect light brown eggs! Chickens have a special cackle right after they lay an egg, […]

Plenty of Vegetables for You

We had some great press from the Town Crier this week.  There was a splendid spread of photos from our recent Supper Club. It was wonderful to see all those familiar faces in the Weston Life section. Thank you Barbara Elmes for coming out and bringing your trusty camera! Page […]

Tomatoes Before the Blight

It is pretty sad to see the tomatoes hit by the late blight. They were looking great, as you can see in this photo. Full plants, multiple fruit clusters per stem, many just turning orange. We just went to the fields with Channel 5’s David Brown – to air tonight […]

Volunteers Make a Difference

Every Monday and Wednesday, our volunteer crew comes out to help us with all manner of task at Land’s Sake. Here’s a picture of the crew helping weed the flower beds in the front garden. With the combination of ample moisture and great heat, the weeds are really going bonkers. […]


It was a fabulous day at Land’s Sake this past Saturday, June 20st! The weather held, the people came, and the Strawberries were Plentiful! Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy the good old times at the farm. We had a great band – The Pretty Pennies – […]

Beetle Mania

The other day, a friend of the farm, Oliver Constable, stopped by the office with his mother Melinda and this big bug (in the photo). We were trying to identify it and found a good site to compare this critter to the Dread ALB (asian longhorned beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis)). This […]

Summer Programs at Land’s Sake

Both Amy and I are very excited for the summer education season to officially start. I will be heading up the Green Power (GP) program that involves participants entering the 6th through 9th grades in the process of community farming at the fields on Merriam Street. Amy is leading our […]