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Notes from the Field: CSA Week 6

As of today, we have 47 different crops in various stages of growth at the farm. Some of those crops are further subdivided into different varieties: we grow over 20 different types of tomatoes alone! Some of these crops we’re currently harvesting for your share; some, like tomatoes,a eggplant, and […]

Get Out in the Fields this Saturday!

We’re looking for volunteers to come help us get our front Pick-Your-Own field ready! It’s in serious need of a big mulching, and we’re in serious need of some extra hands. Come to the farm on Saturday at 11 AM in closed-toed shoes for our mulching party!

Notes from the Field: CSA Week 5

Two weeks past the solstice and I still find myself reflecting upon it. The longest day of the year marks so many transitions on the farm that superficially seem to have little to do with it, and yet our daily tasks have subtly shifted. From relentless greenhouse seeding and transplanting, […]

We’re Ramping Up for Green Power!

Our Green Power educators, Anna and Luke, are super busy and excited planning for Green Power this summer! The countdown is on, and with the program rapidly approaching, plans are getting nailed down.   This year, Green Power has its own new field! Some of the crops are pre-planned, but […]

Produce Spotlight: Fennel

Fennel grows wild and rampant in the Mediterranean. Eating it is almost like an Italian vacation itself; it’s a little sweet, tastes a bit like anise, and is very refreshing. It’s the pretty girl in a sundress of the apiaceae family, shining past carrots, dill, cilantro, cumin, and parsnips in […]

Notes from the Field: CSA Week 4

Since I began farming I’ve noticed that my sense of hearing has become more acute. With our heads bent, often focused on the task at hand, be it hand weeding carrots, navigating a narrow pass with the tractor or focusing on bunching greens, my eyes are often drawn downward, and […]

Summer Squash are here!

At the Stand Today:  Summer Squash! Kohlrabi Cucumbers Lettuce Kale Collards Chard New bags of fresh-roasted, whole bean Karma coffee and more!   Our summer squash is beautiful and firm and sweet and nutty right now. Don’t limit yourself to sauteing and grilling! Shaved thinly, this vegetable is delicious eaten […]

Amazing Slaw Recipe!

This one is courtesy of Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perelman’s cookbook, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook. I was looking for dinner tonight and this hit everything we currently have at the Farm Stand, so I had to share it right away!   Slaw is more than soggy, mayo-soaked cabbage and carrots. Don’t hold it […]

Notes from the Field: CSA Week 3

Today is the summer solstice: the longest day of the year. Summer on the farm is an exhilaratingly busy and productive time, when every task you get done is satisfyingly crucial. It’s exciting for us to see the fields change as the days and weeks go by, and sometimes I […]

Using Your CSA: Recipes for weeks two and three

This week’s featured recipes: Ellen Touart-Grob’s Garlic Scape Pesto Uses: Garlic Scapes and olive oil from the Farm Stand Ellen Touart Grob’s Pickled Beets Uses: Beets Joanna Horobin’s Turnip Green Spanakopita Uses: Turnip Greens, Tatsoi, Spinach, Arugula, Beet Greens, Chard, Scallions, Garlic Scapes, Carrot Tops Stir-fried Chicken with Chinese Cabbage […]