Building Boardwalks


With ferns and skunk cabbage creating a thick camouflage for the mud and stagnant water below, you breeze through the swamp–high and dry on a brand new 200-foot-long boardwalk. An old stone wall borders your walk on the right, lending an air of history and culture to your stroll. The smells are mixed- mud, grass, sweet ferns, cut grass from nearby homes. At the end of the boardwalk, you hop down to solid ground, your socks and shoes just as dry as when you put them on. Where are you? In Vermont or northern Maine? Nope-Weston.

The new boardwalk, installed by Land’s Sake in early June on behalf of the Weston Forest and Trail Association, spans 200′ of formerly inaccessible trail parellel to Westerly Road. The trail can be accessed via two trail-heads on Audubon Road. The trail connects to the Sunset Corner trail system off Highland Street.


Jordan McCarron, Conservation Land Manager