Irene Knocks Down Trees, Knocks Out Power

While the Boston area was spared from the brunt of Tropical Storm Irene, she still managed to stir up some trouble for Land’s Sake, its staff, and its trees. If you’ve been to the farm stand over the last two weeks, you’ve probably noticed that we lost a large tree next to the parking lot. The storm took down a significant portion of the tree, and unfortunately the remaining trunk was too dangerous and had to be removed. Sadly, over the last several years, many trees on the grounds of the farm, which was once a part of Harvard University’s Arnold Arboretum, have come down due to old age and wind. Jordan McCarron, our Conservation Land Manager, has been hard at work cleaning up after Irene.

Downed tree at the farm

The Land’s Sake office was without power or phone service for almost a week following the storm (Aug 28th – Sept 3). We apologize if you tried to call or email us and were unable to get through to leave a message. We are now fully up and running, so please call and let us know if you have not received a response to a message from that week.

We’d also like to thank all the volunteers who showed up to help prepare for the storm before it arrived. Thanks to your efforts, Land’s Sake made it through with no major storm damage to equipment or crops.