Get Cookin’ with Green Power

Fresh-picked English Pea Soup and Farm-grown Black Bean Burritos with Arugula Pesto may sound like something you might find on the menu at a hip farm-to-fork restaurant in the city, or perhaps written up in the latest Food column on the New York Times. For the past couple of weeks, however, these delectable dishes have been gracing the table of our Friday Farm Meals cooked by our awesome Green Power crew.

Bringing in the harvest, rain or shine!

We culminate every week at Green Power by planning, harvesting, preparing, cooking, serving and (of course) eating a delicious, local meal, inspired by the best of the season coming out of the farm fields and our Education Garden. It has been such a joy to watch students bring this process from garden brain storming sessions to a stunning spread on red-checked table cloths. The students take ownership over every step of the process: from figuring out how to form the menu around our harvest, to learning knife-skills, to wrapping spring rolls and baking pop-overs.

Preparing our take on Garden Salsa Verde.

This cooking program could not happen without the support of our community. Special thanks go out to the Wellesley Whole Foods, the Waltham Shaw’s, and Waltham Costco for donating to our program. Big, big thanks go to the Wayland Whole Foods for donating over $600 in food staples and cooking supplies. We are forever grateful to our amazing super-star Chef Team, Ellen Touart-Grob and Trish Scozzafava, who put in hours of planning, teaching and kitchen mentoring to make our program possible.

Enjoying the feast!

Seeing the pride our youth have in presenting this meal to our farm crew and friends is such an incredible experience. I must say that after years of working on farms, I have found that no one moment brings people together more than sitting down to a home-cooked farm feast with co-workers, friends, and family. It has been such a joy to share in this cultivation of community with the amazing and awe-inspiring crew of Green Power.

See you at the Farm,


Green Power Leader