Summer on the Farm: Growing Community

Tuesday was a classic day at the farm. The final group of this season’s Green Power students were busily working in the front garden, helping to harvest and keep our fields looking great. Land’s Sake farmers were busily washing and packing the day’s harvest and setting out berries and tomatoes for sale at the farmstand. CSA customers were literally queued up, ready to claim their share of the vegetables that were all beautifully and carefully laid out under the CSA tent. Students from the Blue Hills Boys & Girls Club romped about the garden and the fields, learning about goats and compost, green vegetables and natural systems. It was Land’s Sake at its summertime best.

In the past two months, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about and observe Land’s Sake programs, meet with many of our members and donors, work side-by-side with our farm team, and speak with many of our CSA and farmstand customers. With each additional interaction, I have learned more about what makes Land’s Sake unique, and why it is such a special place for many people. We do lots of important things: provide access to local, fresh, healthy vegetables; offer programs that teach children the relationships between the food they eat and the world around them; create opportunities for people to gather together in a beautiful place; grow produce to share with those with less access to it. Most importantly, however, Land’s Sake makes this a stronger community and a better place to live.

I am pleased to be a part of all that Land’s Sake does, and I’m excited by the opportunity that exists here. We have much work to do in the months ahead, and I look forward to working with many of you to grow and strengthen our programs and our relationships and help Land’s Sake become what it has the potential to be. Please be sure to join us for our annual fall celebration dinner on September 22 if you can. Stop in to the farm to see what’s at the farmstand, or drop by the office to introduce yourself.

See you at the farm!

Ed Barker
Executive Director
Land’s Sake