Getting Things Done

It was a gorgeous end of the year moving tables and junk at the farm. We’d gotten those two first storms the previous weekend and had been pretty well packed in for the Christmas week. This morning, Dave and I were going to make our foray into the town forest to begin our firewood harvesting operation.

The sun was so bright, and it had been warm for a couple days, and now the farm had lost its blanket. All the odd bits were somewhat conspicuous. We had arrived to just check in on our equipment situation, maybe even get the winch hooked up to the old John Deere. Maybe we would get it up to the woods for a morning work out.

Dave was cool with this plan. I was saying maybe because I know things change a lot, flex off the plan, respond to conditions. I’m used to that. So when we figured we needed to take a couple of machines in for a check-up, we knew we probably wouldn’t be terribly efficient in the woods. Previously, we had done an inventory of the stacked wood, unstacked split wood, unsplit rounds and the unbucked logs waiting to be bucked, split and stacked. There were a lot of phases of the operation to attend to still.

I decided to scrap that daunting plan and look at those loose ends at the farm. “Dave, let’s do that training exercise right now, here instead of up in the woods.” He was cool with that too. So we did some practicing on saw technique on a couple downed trees on the farm. Dave was wanting to brush up on his plunge cut skills. And so, we stuck around at the farm, it was good. Moved a bunch of stuff around to consolidate tables, wagons, and other pieces.

Enjoyed the sunshine, the vistas at the farm, and that “Getting things done” feeling.