Notes from the Field: CSA Week 2


After a very cold wet and cloudy start to the season we are finally seeing some seasonable temperatures. All the cool weather crops have been enjoying the weather and we have been making extensive use of floating row cover. Although it is extremely labor intensive, it pays off with earlier crops with little-to-no insect damage. Our kale, arugula, and bok choi are some notable examples of its benefits. Our first plantings of lettuce are astonishingly large and delicious. The cooler temps and many cloudy days have also benefited the spinach as it was ready far earlier than expected; had we seen more sun it would likely have bolted.
Though we had a long, cold, and dark winter, the longest days of year are finally here. Everything is growing at an amazing pace and the warm weather crops are perking up. However, with all this rain followed by warm sunny days, weeds are exploding too, which means a lot of time with our new cultivating tractor. At this time of year, though, despite the weeds, it’s very exciting to see new crops every week. Some things still slow from the cold spring, but peas are looking great and there should be picking soon! In other exciting news, the flower garden is filling in and our small strawberry field is looking great. We’re very excited to offer members-only pick-your-own this year. You’ll be getting emails from Amanda at the farm stand, who is handling pick your own berries. They’re $5 a pint and you’ll hear from us in the morning of days we open the fields for picking.I have one last thought for this week: our crew has been amazing. They’re a very dedicated hardworking bunch who have really stepped up to the challenge. I’m so glad that we’re all here, working to bring you amazing local produce.