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Splitting Season Begins

We got the firewood splitting season started today with Weston High’s National Honor Society. A few good volunteers came out with me to enjoy the fine air of winter and the particular thrill of sending a maul through a chunk of wood. I was able to give them a good […]

Getting Things Done

It was a gorgeous end of the year moving tables and junk at the farm. We’d gotten those two first storms the previous weekend and had been pretty well packed in for the Christmas week. This morning, Dave and I were going to make our foray into the town forest […]

New Website is Now Up!

Hi Everyone, Check out our new website: Thanks to Alicia Pritt who designed the whole thing, and Dave Sonnenberg for doing the technical wizardry. Thanks also to John Marchiony for his editing help. What if I told you there could be a way you could not only watch your […]