Planting for the Future

photoIn the 10 days since we started on Earth Day, our dedicated farm staff here at Land’s Sake has planted 49,500 seedlings, not even including the seeds in the ground for veggies like carrots, hakurei turnips, peas, arugula, tokyo bakana, tatsoi, and radishes. That’s a huge number of vegetables! Seeing the seedlings go off in trucks from the green houses at the Melone House office to the farm is very exciting; it’s an affirmation that the season is really underway (after a long winter) and that in a few short weeks, we’ll be doing what we’re here to do: bringing people together and feeding them good, clean, local veggies. seedlings table

It’s also a visual reminder of what we do outside the fields. Moving these seedlings from the warm, safe green house to the fields where they will grow to feed the community is, in many ways, a conceit for everything we do. With our Sustainable Land Management program, we’re nurturing healthy town forests and wildlife habitats. We plan our crops around our community so we know that come harvest time, there will be enough to donate food to families in need through organizations like Lovin’ Spoonfuls and Community Servings. The kids who come to the farm learn about food systems, healthy lifestyles, and connecting to their community through hard work, common goals, and common spaces. Just like our cute little seedlings, they start off being nurtured by their families and community (and their community farm!) and grow up to nourish the world around them. We teach them to eat the rainbow, be kind to worms, pay attention to the forests, and to care for the delicate balance of the world in hopes that one day, they’ll harvest that knowledge and contribute to a better future.

IMG_9283These seedlings remind us that you help us grow, too. Whether it’s the food you’ll put on the table from the 49,000 seedlings we just put in the ground, the forestry work that keeps Weston’s forests thriving, or the educational programs that teach our children, you help us plant now for the future you want to harvest! Putting the seeds in the ground is just the beginning; we still need your help and support. Becoming a member (or renewing your membership for 2014) is the easiest way to help us keep doing what we’re doing, but don’t forget that you can always get involved by volunteering and getting your hands dirty with us, too!

Only one month left until the Farm Stand opens. We can’t wait to get these seedlings big and strong and into your kitchens!