Supper Club with Land’s Sake!

Just like an old-time Tavern!
Smiling faces, clinking glasses and plates full of farm-fresh local gourmet delights!
Last Thursday we held the first Land’s Sake Supper Club at the Josiah Smith Barn in Weston Center. Chef Sam Hunt prepared a feast using local and seasonal food. A crowd of about 40 enjoyed the meal at one very long table. We started with a fabulous pottage of spring dug parsnips from Verril Farm. As you leave root veggies in the ground for the winter, they kinda sweeten up, so in the spring, you can get a very enjoyable parsnip. Land’s Sake provided asparagus wrapped in wild leeks from nearby and Sam created a really good pearl couscous/lentil/other small things bed to lay under the asparagus. I’m sure it had a name but I didn’t catch it. The main was a succulent breast of naturally-raised chicken from Giannone Farms in Maine. The dessert elicited coo’s and ahh’s as a sour cream ice cream with a consomme (that is a reduction-prepared syrup) of our farm’s rhubarb. It was a great meal!
The setting was delightful. Floral arrangements were provided by Pam Swain, Sam’s wife Lindsay’s mother, who even found a few blossoms at Land’s Sake to put on the tables. She is on the Josiah Smith Tavern and Old Library Committee here in town working to restore the building to an active culinary use. She was thrilled. So was Irvonne Moran – of the Women’s Community League who take care of the Barn and rent it out for community events – she hopes the future of the barn has nice dinners just like Supper Club. Nick Danforth even made a toast to our continued success and wanted me to start singing show tunes, but I held off on that this time. (It’s a long story going back to Weston High). Luckily it was more important to focus on the coincidence that it was our Board member (and Nick’s sister) Nina Danforth’s birthday! So we all raised our glasses and sang Happy Birthday. Quite festive indeed.
Who has a birthday next Thursday? Well come on down, Land’s Sake Supper Club is happening on the 28th at 7pm. The menu is just about ready and you can read more of the details on our website. Thanks for being excited about Farm-to-Plate at Land’s Sake. See you at Supper!

Enjoying Dinner at the Barn
Enjoying Dinner at the Barn