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Eat the Beet: Borscht by Emily

I’ll admit it – I wasn’t sure what to do with my first bunch of Land’s Sake CSA share beets. Beyond my fond memories of Nana’s cold borscht soup, and well, of course, gefilte fish with (lots and lots of) beet horseradish, I hadn’t gone out of my way for […]

Last Call for Tomatoes!

Summer seems to be leaving Land’s Sake just as it came this year – abruptly. Though dusk now falls before closing time, the farm stand is offering what is perhaps the most eclectic produce array of the season. For perhaps this one last week, our farmers are still harvesting summer […]

Eggplant: A Fairy Tale on your Fork

Our Land’s Sake farmers this week culled dramatic hues of Amethyst, Garnet, and Onyx. Sometimes called Aubergines abroad, we know these beauties as the far less romantic ‘Eggplant.’ Unlike other Nightshade species, eggplant are quite edible, and nutritious too. While no one nutrient dominates its profile, eggplant provide a variety […]

Farm Nightmares: All About Late Blight

Days like today — wet, cold, and windy — keep farmers up at night. Early in the season, a rainy day is welcomed; a good rain can re-hydrate a field, warm the frost from the soil, and cut down on the farm’s water consumption for new transplants. Later in the season, though, […]