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Notes from the Field: CSA Week 3

Today is the summer solstice: the longest day of the year. Summer on the farm is an exhilaratingly busy and productive time, when every task you get done is satisfyingly crucial. It’s exciting for us to see the fields change as the days and weeks go by, and sometimes I […]

Notes from the Field: CSA Week 2

After a very cold wet and cloudy start to the season we are finally seeing some seasonable temperatures. All the cool weather crops have been enjoying the weather and we have been making extensive use of floating row cover. Although it is extremely labor intensive, it pays off with earlier […]

Planting for the Future

In the 10 days since we started on Earth Day, our dedicated farm staff here at Land’s Sake has planted 49,500 seedlings, not even including the seeds in the ground for veggies like carrots, hakurei turnips, peas, arugula, tokyo bakana, tatsoi, and radishes. That’s a huge number of vegetables! Seeing the […]

What Inspires You?

Holly Ameden, Land’s Sake Board President For me, the answer begins with my family. Watching my three sons, twin eight-year-olds and a five-year-old, go out in the world with their curiosity and energy to experience new things and meet new people – this inspires me. I see their energy in […]

Salute to Summer

While it’s not quite Fall, the air has certainly turned brisk and Summertime fun has been replaced with Back-to-School excitement.  Here at Land’s Sake, we particularly notice the change of seasons as weeks of Green Power give-way to After School Programs, and constant harvesting and weeding in the heat segues […]

New Faces on the Farm

As the vegetables in the fields grow, Land’s Sake’s staff of farmers and educators increase too, bringing with them their passion for completing the rigorous work it takes to fulfill our mission and reach our seasonal goals.  Each member of our team has been inspired in some way to heed […]

My First Woodchuck

I’m not sure of how I managed to find myself in this position after 15 years of working in gardens and on farms, but until now, I’ve somehow escaped having to bear witness to the wrath of the woodchuck.  For years, when customers asked for my advice about how to […]